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Hi, my name is Anna!

I’m a UX/UI designer based in Amsterdam.

I’m passionate about human-computer interaction and illustration, and I love working on creating high-quality products that help people to attain their goals efficiently and in a pleasant way.
I’m always willing to explore new opportunities and environments. I believe that interacting with different cultures is one of the best ways to come up with some new ideas and to increase the creative experience.


TRIPlan is a new mobile app developed to help travelers organizing their trips. It combines both informative and planning approaches to provide the easiest way to design a customized travel experience.

wristParty! is a music streaming app for the Apple Watch.  It was designed and developed for people that want to listen to music without carrying an iPhone.

I designed Indoor Plants to ease those people who need some help to take care of their indoor plants. The app, indeed, helps the users to recognize, manage, and maintain their plants.

Editorial design of Hej!, a pocket-size guide that provides the can’t miss places to organize a journey experience in Sweden.

Based in Pordenone (Italy), Bianco&Rosso is a modern cafe aimed at young people. I created a menu mixing tradition with new trends, inspired by the cafe owners’ philosophy.

The challenge of my work is to create consistent and pleasing visuals to craft experiences enjoyable and accessible in every context and device.